Frequently Asked Questions  
We are a San Francisco, CA based technology company that provides a platform to food sellers and buyers through an iOS app, we will be launching our Android and web platform shortly. The platform is a 24/7 on demand food marketplace, giving people the opportunity to buy food in a new and unconventional way that empowers the customer real food desires. Coozyn also help sellers share their culinary crafted meals with their community when they want in a (work when you want) model
We at Coozyn have a great passion for food, we see food as a window to the soul of cultures and communities. We usually spend lots of time looking for the perfect ethnic meal, now with Coozyn if you don't find your meal listed within the Chefs and Food Businesses Menu(Model M and Model R), you can order a customized meal that will be sent to chefs in your neighborhood to cook it for you in a bid model (Model X). We also wanted to give you a tool to choose your preferred food options, and healthier choices at affordable prices. With Coozyn you can order what you carve when you want with few simple clicks.
We don’t, the customers do (remember: we are a technology platform). Through our unique customer review system, a seller gets reviewed for timeliness and customer service. Each item that they sell gets reviewed individually for quality as well. We ask the sellers using our technology to set a very high bar for themselves, and we reserve the right to kick any seller from our App if they don’t measure up, but we rely on our customers (and have given it the tools necessary) to provide feedback and improve what’s on offer.
We take food safety very, very seriously. In fact, we strongly believe that Coozyn has built the safest food App or service in existence. In the event that someone encounters a problem with any food sold through our App (e.g. someone suspects they may have food borne illness), we can tell within seconds where it came from, who else ate it, and whether anyone has reported similar symptoms. If there is even the slightest doubt that a seller’s food is safe, we will generally close down that seller instantly and keep them closed until further investigation has taken place.
Yes. Coozyn uses technology to connect sellers and buyers of food in a convenient, intuitive, and cashless way. We require that all sellers operate and sell only in full compliance with all laws of the location where they operate. Our service is similar to that provided by eBay, Amazon or Etsy
Very simple. Go to the iOS Store (iPhone) download the free Coozyn App. Once downloaded, it will only take you a few minutes to get your account set up, and there are no sign-up fees. Once set up, you can order food immediately. Based on your location you’ll then be able to see all the different foods available to you from sellers using Coozyn App. You can use the filters to narrow down your search. We recommend to view the below video to help you getting started.
Go to the iOS Store (iPhone) download the free Coozyner App (A different app than the one above). Once downloaded, it will only take you a few minutes to get your account set up, and there are no sign-up fees. Once set up, you can start building your menu immediately. Based on your location you’ll then be able to orders from customers using Coozyner App. For Chefs: You can either receive bids only (Model X) or Menu orders only (Model M) or both from the availability control panel. We recommend to view the below video to help you get started. For Food Businesses: You'll be receiving orders only from your customers (Model R). You can set your availability from the Control Panel. We recommend to view the below video to help you get started.
Yes you can, even if you don't have your own car. You can go to the iOS store and download Coozyn Pilot app. Our (pilots) can choose their transportation (Car, Walking, Transit, Bicycle) and start working to deliver food within their area. Sellers can assign their own pilots to work with. This is specially handy for families where someone can cook and the other deliver, and for food businesses to track their own delivery pilots within Coozyner app (Seller App).
Anyone who can produce food legally can submit his/her information to become an approved seller. This includes but is not limited to home chefs, professional chefs, farmers, home growers of produce, food trucks, caterers, restaurants, and specialty food producers.
You have the option to pick up your food at the address communicated by the seller and some sellers choose to provide delivery. The App will show you whether delivery is available or not for each seller.
As part of your customer profile you will add your preferred payment method. Our App allows you to enter multiple credit and debit cards. Your card will get charged as soon as the seller has accepted your order. We use a reputable and secure third party credit card provider. In Some countries where Credit/Debit cards not available, we are working on a solution for cash payments and will update a list of this available service each country and city at a time.
You may. Depending on the country, state, city or county you live in, regulations may vary. Just like a good business owner, we expect every seller to do their own due diligence relative to regulations and to abide by them. Coozyn is not an authority when it comes to regulations, we create tools that let third parties conduct their business in a more safe, efficient, and beneficial manner than ever before. If you live in the US, click here to find out about laws in your area.
You will get paid every week and will have access to detailed statements about the items you have sold. At the end of the year, you will likely receive a 1099-Misc or other tax document as appropriate and required by law (For US residents).
All sellers must comply with our Terms and Conditions , including health and safety requirements that go beyond those imposed by regulatory agencies, and follow all applicable laws. We also recommend that you pay special attention to three things: Customer service, timeliness, and quality. Set clear expectations with your customers as to what to expect, have a good quality picture of your item with a detailed description on your page in our App, and be honest about how much time you need to deliver your food or to make it available for pick up. Make every single thing you sell as good as it can be; the quality of your food will generate repeat business.
There is no cost, no hidden fees. Our App is a platform that gives you access to thousands of customers in your market, and we charge our sellers a small fee of each sale, so if you don't sell, there is no charge. Your only charge is your regular costs of doing business. ​

Questions? Contact us at support@coozyn.zendesk.com